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Yam Haus (Big Loud Rock)

Following s six-year mind-bending journey through a global pandemic, releasing several singles, three EPs, losing a band brother, and scoring an appearance on American Song Contest, Yam Haus is excited to release its first new music in 2023. This is the band who wowed audiences, and captured hearts all over the midwest, back with three songs to make a fresh, powerful statement with their music. Their songwriting shows an evolution in the ways the band approaches its music today, showcasing a new maturity in perspective within the songs, with all contributing together instead of alone.

“I feel like so much has happened since the first songs and this doesn’t even feel like it’s our follow up,” says bassist Zach Beinlich. “I feel like a new band. We have a totally different way that we’re approaching how we create music.” Singer and guitarist Lars Pruitt adds, ”All I’m really concerned about is doing right by us and making something that we feel motivated to play live and love every inch of it for years to come. I’m just trying to do things in a way that’s super honest to us and our tastes – and hopefully the fans come along with us.”

But it’s all about playing their songs, their way, speaking to the long-time fans who championed them in the early days. Back when were just kids. Now. Yam Haus returns with three songs designed to “rock your socks off,” while reaffirming their uniqueness for new audience alike. “We’re really excited about the new music, because it feels like the first time in a long time that we’re creating it as a unified front,” says drummer, Jake Felstow. “That’s exciting for us, and hopefully it translates to the people listening to the music. We really put our best foot forward, and we’re loving it.”

Three new songs; “Stupid and Famous” is a fun song that will make you chuckle along, “Sandcastle is much more rock-oriented with strong guitar riffs, while “Rafters” goes with the flow. But talk about being committed to one’s cause in the long run… Pruitt got the band name as a tattoo on his derriere. Now that’s commitment!


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