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Three decades of diversified music industry experience matched with unparalleled work ethic have led to the development of unique professional outlook tailor-made for today's ever-changing industry landscape.  Roles from artist management to radio, trade publisher, consultant, issuer of charts and beyond confirm an unrivaled ability to leverage gained knowledge to successful ends.

On-Air Host/Programming

WMOT/Nashville, 2022-Present - Specialty Programming: the JBE Artist Review (JBEAR) w/ co-host Ellie Sanders

WYEP/Pittsburgh, 1998-2001 - On-Air Host (Middays)/Music Director

WEZX/Scranton, 1996-1998 - On-Air Host

WXPN/Philadelphia, 1995-1998 - On-Air Host/ Asst. Music Director/ World Café Assistant

Triple A

Triple A Radio Services, 2001-Present

                      Publish bi-weekly radio charts for Triple A format;

                      Publish weekly Triple A format newsletter;

                      Publish Triple A format quarterly Features magazine;

                      Produce JBE Triple A SummitFest, 2009-Present           


                      Produce JBE Virtual SummitFest Livestream Showcases

Management &
Artist Development

Andy Logan Productions: 2023-

Jeff Mattson: 2007-Present

Waynard Music/Rainbow Full of Sound, 2019-Present

Alex Jordan: 2022-Present

No Good Sister: 2013-15

Donna Jean Godchaux Band: 2009

Donna Jean Godchaux: 2007 through 2009

Donna Jean & The Tricksters: 2007-2008

Boris Garcia: 2006 though 2008

Ben Arnold: 2002-05

Living Earth (regional Dead cover band): 1992-96

Consulting & Production
Merchandising/Live Events

Grateful Guitars Foundation All-Star Benefit: 2023, 2024

All Good Presents/Dark Star Orchestra, 2011-2023

                Merchandise Manager;

                General Consultant on all artist business - Marketing,          

                Touring, Personnel

The Shady Recruits, 2019

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