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Teddy Swims (Warner)

Jaten Collin Dimsdale, aka Teddy Swims (an acronym for “Someone Who Isn’t Me”), once renowned for soulful covers that swept through social media platforms, now stands at a crossroads of musical evolution with his latest album, I've Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1). This project not only showcases his growth as an artist but also serves as a culmination of personal experiences that have shaped his creative journey, though not particularly positive ones. As Swims explained recently to the Associated PressGary Gerald Hamilton, the songs can be tough underneath their upbeat exteriors, “I’m sure for anyone that’s not heartbroken, it’s probably exhausting. But there’s still upbeat and there’s fun (songs) — but everything that is also upbeat and fun is still very, very sad… But it’s helping me heal through a lot of things.”

The soft piano ballad, “Some Things I’ll Never Know” sets the tone, romantic devastation is imminent and we’re only at the beginning. Single “Lose Control” arrives next, the vibe is R&B Chris Stapleton, the mood, dire. Then, employing upbeat rhythm as a shield, the whole situation is shown “The Door.” As also told to the AP, Swims explains arriving at that point, “There’s someone in my past that’s held their life over my head and been in a spot where (she said) ’I’m not going to make it if you leave... It’s hard to have this situation with someone because you don’t feel like there’s a way out of it,” said Swims. “When I finally found the other side of that situation and I had to let it go, it truly is the thing that saved my life.”

Swims' ascent from covering popular tunes to crafting original compositions speaks to his commitment to authentic, resonant storytelling and the solace that can be found in penning one’s own complex and often messy narratives. Perhaps therapy is next and Swims will return to share future insights. In the meantime, “Lose Control” is in heavy rotation at KINK, WFPK, WXRT, WTTS, KCRW, The Spectrum and many more.

Photo by Joseph Cultice


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