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Saint Nomad (Curb)

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Alternative band Saint Nomad, hails from Russia where the six Odnoralov brothers grew up with music deeply embedded in their DNA. Their name implies a nomadic life where a sense of belonging is difficult to find, yet the brothers found a home in a shared musical brotherhood. Three of the brothers-Ruslan, Yan and Nikita-reflect a strong work ethic and faithfulness to their craft, composing every song with a grassroots approach to the creative process. Together, they created a textured, nuanced song that’s uniquely their own.

From the beginning, the brothers took piano from their grandmother, who along with their grandfather, was a celebrated actor in St. Petersburg’s musical theater scene. “We’ve developed as artists and musicians, and we know what Saint Nomad should sound like,” attests Ruslan, who holds co-production credits on all the band’s new material and has produced songs for a growing list of major label artists, including Mat Kearney, Lennon Stella, JP Saxe and Banners, among others. Nikita, who sings lead on vocals also trades off with brothers Ruslan and Yan. It was his discovery that his vocals were key to capturing certain sonic influences that also led him into a period of self-discovery where he contemplated what qualities he liked about his vocals, what sounds he liked, and what he liked about their own records.

Saint Nomad’s debut, titled Memento Mori, was co-produced by the band and Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, James Bay). King challenged the band out of its comfort zones to create a sonically unique set of songs that are reminiscent of earlier times when innovation and experimentation were the industry standard. “Nothing To Lose” is the first single from the album, which is already receiving attention at radio. A number of Triple A stations have jumped on the record including 88.5FM/LA, WMNF, WZEW, WPYA, KVNA and others.


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