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Pressing Strings (Evil Teen)

The highly anticipated And I For You is a soulful, infectious collection of songs, marking the sixth full-length album from the Annapolis-based Pressing Strings. This critically acclaimed trio, composed of Jordan Sokel (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Welker (Bass, Vocals), and Justin Kruger (Drums, Vocals), has been rousing spirits in the music scene since their inception by creating genre-fluid music infused with encouraging lyrics. Reflecting on the band's evolution, Sokel emphasizes the dynamic nature of their music, stating, "This band has had a lot of different parts and personalities over the years, and if you listen closely, you can hear that in the music. It's never been static; the chemistry and creativity have morphed and evolved, and it's still doing so now. Music has been my motivation ever since I had my first opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. And after I learned how to record and shape songs in the studio, that was it, I was hooked.”

Infusing that new knowledge with influences drawn from a diverse range of artists from Al Green to Led Zeppelin, Pressing Strings touches on timeless themes of gratitude and devotion resonating in a time of turmoil. Lead single “Your Love” is the perfect example of this, and the infectious rhythms of "Down for You" and "We Will Be Alright" as well as the introspective melodies of "Weather the Storm" and "No One Else," showcase the band's ability to craft captivating music that stays with the listener, in part because of well-crafted harmonies. The creative process behind And I For You was invigorated by the addition of Justin Kruger to the band. As Sokel reflects, "We regained our focus and dug deeper than ever before. Our producer, Steve Wright, played a crucial role in shaping the songs, and this is the first record where everyone shares the singing and harmonies. It was challenging, but it was also fun and fulfilling."

Sokel further reflects on the impact of Pressing Strings’ growing accomplishments on himself personally. "Music is an extension of who I am, what I'm going through, what I'm feeling, and the people who are meaningful in my life,” he maintains. “It offers me an avenue to share my feelings and, in doing so, connect with people. It's never failed to give me comfort, in both the best and worst of times.”

Pressing Strings enjoys robust local support from WTMD, and listeners of KBAC, WMOT, KMTN, and many more are becoming comforted by the band’s uplifting presence as will attendees of the upcoming JBE Triple A SummitFest where Pressing Strings is slated to perform on the Fox Hill Stage August 3.


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