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Momma (Polyvinyl)

In 2020, Momma released their full-length album, Two of Me, introducing the world to Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten who possess a symbiotic songwriting style. The two met in high school and eventually formed a band, leading to Household Name, the band’s third studio album, revealing a new direction in their songwriting marked by personal and artistic growth.

“I went through a lot of changes as we were writing and demoing this record. The biggest was that I was going through a really messy breakup, which was motivation to make this record the best it could be. I felt that I really had something to prove,” Weingarten says. “I wanted to write about heartbreak, which isn’t something we normally focus on in our lyrics. Etta and I ended up writing several songs on our own because we were having two really different experiences during this time. It’s the first record where we each have three songs that we sing solo on.”

Friedman adds, ”After making Two of Me, I think this album couldn’t help getting personal. This was the first time all four of us worked together throughout the entire process of demoing, recording, etc. We’ve never had the luxury to work this intimately together for such a prolonged amount of time.”

“Lucky” is one of the standout songs on the record, written by Etta Friedman when she was away from her writing partner drew inspiration from Liz Phair’s “Nashville.” On “Motorbike,” grunge-like guitar riffs and whimsical lyrics show the depth and breadth of this bands’ ability to write about different subjects while staying true to their roots. At radio, Momma is having huge success on the non-comm side, with KEXP, Indie 102.3, WNXP, and KXT just a few of the believers, while Birmingham Mountain Radio and KROK are leading the commercial way.


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