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Låpsley (XL Recordings)

After early success, moving at age 19 from Soundcloud to a world tour to the acclaimed debut Long Way Home (XL Recordings), it was time to rest and reassess for Holly Lapsley Fletcher - or more simply, Låpsley. This era of self-care proved time well-spent, as when Fletcher returned to writing the faucet flowed at max capacity. Full-length follow-up Through Water, out on XL Recordings March 20, was distilled from over 100 songs, and in between, the searching EP These Elements appeared as a taste of the coming-of-age declaration to come.

From Through Water, we have the first single “WOMXN,” a signal of self-realization featuring Låpsley’s signature ephemeral vocals over music that is upbeat and unsurprisingly danceable, considering her club success. The single, like the rest of her work is equal parts Dance and Chill, and opens with the lines, “I will say it again; Cause there’s beauty in repetition; And there’s a beautiful end; But my mind makes that decision,” a remarkable position of self-awareness from an artist so early into her career.

Pushing past self-doubt, Fletcher describes this record as one from which “I took complete ownership…I have complete control,” something only possible within the realm of self-belief. “It’s embarking on this adult relationship with myself which has to be kinder and has to be more understanding and more giving.” If only we all felt that way. “WOMXN” is spinning across the country at Indie 102.3, KRML, WFPK, and WCNR, with tour dates undoubtedly coming soon.


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