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Bleachers (Dirty Hit)

Jack Antonoff is best known for his work as an acclaimed, Grammy-winning producer with Taylor Swift, as well as for his time performing as a multi-instrumentalist with the band fun. However, Antonoff truly brings his own musical vision to life with Bleachers, his group that recently released its self-titled fourth album.

With Bleachers, Antonoff taps into the joyous, jubilant feeling of ‘80s Pop music. The new album features a mix of synth-laced singalong anthems, hazy, dreamy soundscapes, and an abundance of Clarence Clemons-style saxophone licks that would not be out of place on an old Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band album. (It’s no coincidence that like The Boss, Antonoff is also from New Jersey and definitely draws influences from the Jersey sound of his youth). 

It’s also worth noting that the musicians in Bleachers are a seasoned group. They have a “secret” presence everywhere that Antonoff has done production work: they’re the band on the last six Taylor Swift albums, the last three Lana Del Rey albums, and last two St. Vincent albums. “The band has become characters you’re hearing all over the world. That’s not really a story anyone’s ever told, but it’s a cool one when you think about it,” Antonoff says. “It’s a very rare thing for a band to really be a band. And it takes a really long time.”

The upbeat lead single from Bleachers, “Modern Girl,” went Top 5 at Triple A, and now the follow up track, “Tiny Moves,” is gaining traction. “Tiny Moves” articulates that feeling of watching someone you adore when every little move they make is “earth shattering” to you. “I barely remember writing it. I more remember trancing around the room celebrating that it existed,” Antonoff says of the song’s creation. “Tiny Moves” is earning big spins from WRLT, KCLC, The Spectrum, KCSN, WERS, KBCO and others. 

Now that the album has been released, Bleachers’ U.S. tour begins on May 18 in Salt Lake City. The spring tour culminates with a return home to Asbury Park for the band’s day-long festival, Shadow of the City, on June 15. This will be the sixth edition of Shadow of the City, and $1 from every ticket sold goes to The Ally Coalition and their work supporting LGBTQ Youth across the country. Bleachers also will play their biggest headline show to date at New York’s Madison Square Garden on October 4.

Photo by Alex Lockett


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