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Andy Frasco & The U.N. (Soundly)

L’Optimist is the sixth studio release from Andy Frasco & The U.N. who have been viewed as “renegades of the touring scene,” and are beloved for their kaleidoscopic musical fusion and unique stage presence. This is the band’s most hopeful and enthusiastic collection of songs to date, and a statement hailing Frasco’s broad influences and endless energy.

L’Optimist finds the magnetic frontman continuing to forge his path of self-exploration and personal discovery through introspective lyrics and musical adventure. “Everything Bagel” (feat. Artikal Sound System), and “Iowa Moon” are deeply emotional and touch on matters of the heart and mental health, emotional struggle and the vulnerability of the human experience. These emotions are relayed through an eclectic approach flowing from Funk, Jazz, Surf Rock, Blues, Swing, Gospel, Reggae, Exotica, and more with horn-blasted positivity and soulful power.

Frasco again challenged himself to explore difficult terrain, spanning relationships and chronic depression, empathy and alienation, inspired partly by his first real girlfriend. He wrote “Iowa Moon,” which pays a loving tribute to his new lover and ponders getting off the road to remain at home with his beloved.

“I fight depression every single day,” Frasco says, “and the only way for me to fight depression is through optimism. I try to write optimistic songs because optimism keeps me going. As humans, I don’t think we’re all that much different. Everybody needs a little optimism to keep us going.”

Recording L’Optimist was delegated to 30 days, with Frasco traveling to Nashville, Los Angeles, and other cities to work with friends and top songwriters until he had a cache of ten songs of which he felt truly proud. “You Do You” is basically a call to arms to myself,” says Frasco. “Like what is success? We built success by being outlaws and being ourselves. I did it my own way and it worked out for the best, I think.” Frasco’s success at radio currently extends to dozens of stations including WTMD, KBAC, KMTN and KRML.


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