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The Record Company

The Record Company has been around the block a couple of times in the music world, including being dropped by their label in December 2022. A gut punch for certain, but the band took it in stride to focus on the next new project. “It was tough to swallow,” says bassist Alex Stiff, “because we had already set out to write the most stripped-back and raw record we’d done in years, and they had demos of this new music, and ultimately dropped us. Combine that with some new economic realities, a cancelled tour, and we really felt like everything was crashing down at once.”

Having earned multiple Triple A #1 songs at Billboard, a Grammy nomination, tours supporting John Mayer and Bob Seger, the band accepted this rejection as an opportunity to cleanse themselves to start over. Returning to its roots for The 4th Album, The Record Company created raw, self-produced, Blues-based music. Using dumpster guitars, no-name drum sets from garage sales with no “click tracks” or studio tricks, the band recorded in the bass player’s living room. “Almost every band you love at some point tends to drift away from that raw spark that made them unique in the first place,” says drummer Marc Cazorla. “They search for bigger sounds, bigger budgets, more expensive instruments, producers, mixers, etc. We’ve been subject to that as well, but now we’ve come back full circle to what matters most: making raw, honest music that moves people’s souls.”

The song “Dance On Mondays,” which begins with a quip from singer Chris Vos: “I ain’t ever givin’ up,” became a call-to-arms for the band, who’d experienced watching its dreams fade away, to rejuvenate themselves into a stronger, more adventurous players. Overall, The 4th Album finds The Record Company in a more peaceful place as they make their way through a “sea of the ordinary” so prominent in today’s world, making a statement they are anything but “ordinary,” as their rousing Late Night performance at this year’s SummitFest put on prominent display. So much so the single “Talk To Me” is currently spinning on over half the panel, including Lightning 100, The SoCal Sound, WMMM, WXPN, KRVB, The Colorado Sound and many more.


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