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The Heavy Hours (BMG)

The BMG debut from The Heavy Hours, Wildfire, is an endearing collection of Indie Pop tunes that are collaborative compositions by the members of the band, most of whom have been playing together since high school. Those songs also have benefited from contributions from mentors and friends The Heavy Hours have developed on their journey to make a mark on the music world. One of the experiences that fueled this stellar release was when the Cincinnati-based band’s music made its way to fellow Ohioan Dan Auerbach, who quickly invited them to his Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville for a few songwriting sessions. The result was a new perspective on composition, with the bonus being the first single, “Don’t Walk Away,” co-written with Auerbach, and a new batch of songs to take to the recording session helmed by producer Simone Felice (The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers) and his collaborator David Baron, both of whom also contributed to the songs on the EP. But it was the title track that set the tone for what the EP would sound like.

“’Wildfire’ was just an unfinished demo – a song that Simone used to show us where he thought The Heavy Hours could find a sound,” says guitarist Al Yorio. “My first thought was, we could never record something like this, but then realizing we have a chance to make this song our own, to finish writing and arranging it.” The result was what everyone was looking for.

“From the moment that we finished tracking ‘Wildfire,’ we all had such a connection to it,” adds lead singer Michael Marcagi. “…if someone were to ask me, ‘What do you guys sound like?,’ I would play them this song.

“Wildfire” is a song of yearning desire, setting the theme for the five tracks that grace the EP, whether it’s the ballad “Don’t Walk Away,” begging a lover to never leave or the jaunty “Desperate Days,” telling the tale of hanging onto something that may already be gone.

While it’s only five songs, the EP Wildfire displays the universally relatable songwriting of The Heavy Hours, as well as the subtle strength of the band as vocalists and instrumentalist. Under the guidance of Felice and Baron they band uses economical arrangements to highlight the stellar musicianship to draw the listener in wanting a long-term relationship with a band that clearly is just at the beginning of what promises to be dynamic development into a lasting force. Something that over 20 stations, including WTTS, WRLT, WXRV, KCSN, WTMD, WFPK and WAPS, have already discovered.


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