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The Empty Pockets (Independent)

In 2015, The Empty Pockets released their first full-length debut album, The Ten Cent Tour, earning slots on the Billboard Indie and Heatseekers charts for the first time. Beginning with the release of Voices in 2017, the band has had a prolific period of creating great music, driving four albums up the charts. When not out on the road, The Empty Pockets spend time in their home studio, headlining or acting as a back-up band for artists such as Bob Schneider, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Dickey Betts (Allman Brothers), and Dave Mason (Traffic), among others.

Outside Spectrum, the band’s latest release will street on August 12 and the album features 70’s-inspired fusion of shifting time signatures, distinctive vocals, and explosive grooves. The band is fronted by Ericka Brett and Josh Solomon, with Brett’s operatic vocals coupled with Solomon’s eloquent Fender Stratocaster creating an electricity between them that is truly authentic. Based in Chicago, the band has been quietly connecting with fans and filling venues across America, all while doing it all on their own terms.

Outside Spectrum, delivers carefully crafted songs that are awash with technicolor tones, stripped of 21st century technology, yet brimming with innovation, with each song having its own style, and featuring an amazing guitar contribution from Grammy Award-winning former Wings member, Laurence Jubar. “Outside Spectrum” is the album’s first single, but each track is an exciting adventure to explore.


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