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Paul Cauthen (Independent/Thirty Tigers)

“Big Velvet” Texan Paul Cauthen has penned an equally large and lighthearted celebration in latest release Country Coming Down. The record is a full-steam celebration, a night out on the town rightfully deserved after 2019’s acclaimed Room 41 explored the darkness found within and without, cementing Cauthen’s rightful place in the upper-echelon of Americana songwriters. "Y'know, you got your bangers, and you got your ballads," Cauthen says. "You got your meaningful songs where you're opening up more of your vulnerable side, and then you're putting on a fucking show -- all in one album. And it's all honest, I'll tell ya that. Everything on there is something I've felt or thought before.”

Recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas with regular collaborators Beau Bedford (Texas Gentlemen) and Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival), Cauthen’s big tenor shows up guns-blazing with the radio-unfriendly proclamation “Country As Fuck” then invites us to stick around with “Caught Me At A Good Time.” It’s wild nights out with “High Heels,” “Country Clubbin’,” and “Champagne & a Limo,” and the party rolls on for ten tracks pausing to profess his undying love to his partner in “Till the Day I Die,” take a moment for retrospection in “Roll On Over,” then close it all with a soft place to land in “Country Coming Down.”

"It's just about looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that what you've done to this day has been in good standing, with good morals and a good compass in life, driven the right way," Cauthen says. "Legacy is all we have -- that and try to be a good person as well. If you get all that together, then you can do whatever the fuck you want, and it'll be alright.

"I'm having fun," he says. "I've finally figured it out. I'm more settled and comfortable. I know I’m good at making records and great at entertaining. That's my gift more than anything, to be able to get up there and deliver these songs to people."

These songs are being delivered now to listeners of KUTX, WUIN, WNCW, WMOT and the comprehensive Country Coming Down U.S. tour is underway now.

Photo by Jody Domingue


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