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Martin Sexton (KTR)

A true American troubadour, Martin Sexton has spent decades riding the rails through venues large and small, developing an intimate and passionate relationship with his fans as he amassed a huge catalog of quirky, articulate and penetrating songs. Sexton first came to radio’s attention in the mid-90’s with his independently released ode to the church of post-show nourishment, “Diner,” with two albums for Atlantic to follow which produced the Triple A singles “Glory Bound” and “Hallelujah,” before he once again set out on the independent release trail. All the while Sexton continued to do the two things he does best: write songs and connect nightly with a devoted audience.

Then came the long touring pause that was 2020 and left Sexton with no work, but lots of time with his family. Sexton’s normally positive outlook took this potentially devastating turn of events and turned it into triumph by writing and recording the four infectiously optimistic songs that make up the EP 2020 Vision.

Starting out with spritely, soulful horns driving the first single, “Hold On,” Sexton muses about being able to appreciate the now while making want to dance about it. From there he moves on to tracks of observation of the state of the nation, delivered through the eyes of someone who believes in the better nature of those around him, lyrically compelling thought through clever juxtaposition and phrasing, most notably on the other standout track, “Calling On America.” 2020 Vision is a dynamic culmination of all Sexton has done so far, making him ready to conquer radio once again. WDST, WMOT, WRSI, KRSH, KRML, and WCBE are just a few already on 2020 Vision.

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