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KT Tunstall (Blue Elan)

In 2004, KT Tunstall stunned the world with her debut album release Eye to the Telescope, from which “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See,” launched her career. The album established her as a dynamic performer and songwriter, who has a talent for balancing the introspective and the ferocious, while exploring new ways of approaching her music.

“There are two immediate, recognizable pillars of my style,” she says. “I have this troubadour, acoustic guitar-driven emotional side. Then there’s definitely a rock pillar with rawness, teeth and fierceness.” Over the past few years, Tunstall has expanded on her musical selves by focusing on a single concept: soul, body, and mind. 2016’s Kin was the soul record. 2018’s Wax was the body record, and her latest Nut, draws upon her love for West African music, and is an eclectic album that seamlessly weaves together disparate styles. “I made Nut completely different from any other record I have ever made,” Tunstall says. “But I wanted to do things differently. The reason I pursued music was I desperately wanted to avoid a repetitive job. I need to feel adventure.”

“Out Of Touch” opens the album with upbeat percussion and strong, inventive guitar riffs, coupled with Tunstall’s expressive vocals. “Private Eyes” rocks with Tunstall’s signature guitar sounds, and lyrics that draw the listener into the melodies. NUT is a dynamic album with poetic lyrics, interesting guitar phrases, each creating a mystical panorama of Tunstall’s songwriting. The first single, “Private Eyes,” was just released to radio a few weeks ago, garnering immediate attention from KPND, WDST, KRSH, KNBA and more, with that list certain to grow after her August 4 appearance at SummitFest.


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