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Kiltro (1RPM)

Kiltro has been hailed by Colorado Sound as being “one of the treasures of the Colorado music scene,” and their new album, Underbelly, marks a new direction in the fusion of South American Folk and mainstream Rock. The lead single, “Guanaco,” is a stellar example of the songs that combine elements of ambient and neo-psychedelia with the soulful transcendence of South American Folk, with the purity of stringed instruments, syncopated percussion and melodies that define the genre of Latin artists, such as Violeta Parra, Victor and Atahualpa Yupanqui Jara.

Years ago, Chilean-American singer-songwriter Chris Bowers Castillo moved to the port city of Valparasio where he became a walking tour guide. “I would dress up as Wally and give tours to families and kids,” he remembers with a laugh. “It was great because I got to know the city incredibly well. I’d walk for hours, then spend the rest of the day partying and drinking, probably way too much. But I also wrote lots of new songs.”

Back in Denver, Castillo sought a name for his band that captures the haunting, rebellious musical style of the band. He ended up using the word “Kiltro” meaning “stray dogs or mutts.” Teaming up with bassist, Will Parkhill and drummer, Michael Devincenz, he later invited Fez Garcia to join the band as an additional percussionist on live gigs. “I wanted to do a project mixing different styles and aesthetics,” he says. “Valparaiso is my favorite city in the world and will always influence my music. There were street dogs everywhere, and I’m a mutt myself.”

Underbelly release paints a portrait of dreams and experiences into a post-rock manifesto of extraordinary beauty. The songs entice the listener to settle in to experience its supple syncopated percussion and elusive melodies that define the work of other Latin artists. Famous for their live shows, Kiltro toured the States this past summer, including a rousing performance on the outdoor stage at the JBE Triple A SummitFest. In addition to Colorado Sound, the band is garnering attention from Indie 102.3, WDST, KXT, KMTN, WNXP and more.


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