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Katie Pruitt (Rounder/Concord)

The making of her debut album, Expectations, was a soul-cleansing journey for Katie Pruitt, as she created songs that reflect on the struggles and conflicts of growing up gay in a Southern Christian family, as well as her development through her college years dealing with mental illness and toxic relationships, before becoming confident and self-assured as she matured into adulthood.

“This record’s really about letting go of what other people expect from you, and being free to be – to just finally be yourself,” explains Pruitt. Speaking of the title track she continues, “I wrote “Expectations” as I was coming out of depression. It’s about how your whole perspective can change if you shift your focus to what really matters, and recognize that there are people who love you and can help you if you need it.”

Co-produced by Pruitt and her close friend Michael Robinson, Expectations is a throwback to the times of “the album,” with the consistent theme of Pruitt’s life journey told through lyrically stark and expressive songs that effortless flow from Folk to Country to Rock while immersing the listener in Pruitt’s life story. At the same time, Expectations is a brilliant showcase for her powerfully expressive voice, with a broad range and ability to go from sweetness to growl to howl while piercing one’s soul.

Pruitt and her band have performed at the Pilgrimage Festival and toured with the likes of Ruston Kelly and Donovan Woods while setting the stage for Expectations’ release. Coming up on add week for the title track single, “Expectations” is already on Colorado Sound, KBAC and others, foretelling a bright future for this gifted talent.


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