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Jocelyn & Chris (Bridge Road)

The eighth offering from siblings Jocelyn & Chris, Favorite Ghosts, is the latest step in a journey that the duo has been on together since they were teenagers in upstate New York. Since that first release, the pair has been building on their influences (the Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues and Pop CDs in their parents’ collection), experience and opportunities (they’ve appeared on The Today Show as well as at New York’s Mountain Jam Festival, Milwaukee’s Summerfest and SXSW, plus numerous headline and support tours) to build a following that has allowed them to evolve and grow into multi-faceted artists that can explore multiple genres and still produce cohesive work, something that is more than evident on Favorite Ghosts.

“We’ve always tried to write and perform what we feel,” says Chris. “We don’t create music to fit an algorithm. Favorite Ghosts is a cohesive listening experience because it’s written to be lived in. It’s written for real people.”

From the opening of the Blues/Rock “Sugar & Spice” through the delicate title ballad, the breadth of duo’s varied individual talents shine through across all the tracks. Jocelyn opens the album in full-throated, belt-it-out mode on the opening track and “Run Away,” while tracks like “Mercy Me” and “Popcorn” show how easily she can slide her vocals from a gentle purr into a full roar effortlessly. Chris is equally adept at adapting his playing to the song, as he moves from straight-on Blues guitar to delicate psychedelia to sensitive acoustic strokes, all in service to the song.

Having made many friends at Triple A radio on their trek, Jocelyn & Chris made the unconventional decision to release the full album to radio while only releasing one song at a time to the DSPs, starting with “Sugar & Spice” in June. Their loyalty to radio is being returned, with almost half of the JBE panel already on Favorite Ghosts, including WRLT, WXRV, 88.5FM/Los Angeles, WMOT, Birmingham Mountain Radio, WXPK and WDST.


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