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Goose (Independent)

Formed in 2014 in Connecticut, Goose hit the road in 2016 and began to build a reputation for delivering powerful shows with incredible jams culminating with a legendary performance in 2019 at Scranton, PA’s The Peach Music Festival, setting the stage for the band’s biggest tour to date to take place in 2020. But, as you may have heard by now, there was a pandemic that shut everything down and those plans ground to a halt. But Goose didn’t sit on their hands waiting for the sands of time to shift, they used their improvisational prowess to improvise the Bingo Tour – an interactive two-week live streaming event with four full concerts where the setlist was determined by a live game of Bingo. When drive-in concerts became “a thing” at the end of 2020, Goose got back on the road, ending the year with a streaming show from a rooftop at NYC’s Rockefeller Center, all the while continuing to grow their following, setting a successful summer tour in 2021 that included sold-out shows and their own Virginia festival, Fred: The Festival, setting the stage for 2022 and the release of the next Goose studio endeavor, Dripfield.

With the release of Dripfield, Goose highlighted the big dichotomy of the band: Are they a band with songs or is Goose a Jam Band? The answer is quite clear: Both. In their purest form, the 10 tunes on Dripfield are improvisational gems, with instrumental interplay that would make fans of any Jam band, from Grateful Dead to Phish to Umphrey’s McGee, proud, with only one song clocking in at less than five minutes. But if you break these opuses down into verses and choruses, eliminating some of the stellar extended instrumental interludes that make radio nervous, you find well-crafted, finely written tunes with quality vocals and excellent harmonies telling stories that are clearly defined and will resonate with any listener.

Goose has already edited down “Dripfield” and “Hungersite” for radio, with strong reactions and commitments from Colorado Sound, WYEP, WUIN, WTYD, WNRN, KTBG and more. The good news is there are more 4:00 pearls waiting inside those 7:00 oysters, including “Slow Ready” and “Arrow,” plus the radio-ready 2:29 “Moonrise.” If you’re not already hip to Goose, take Dripfield out for a spin and find yourself glad you did.


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