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Daughter (Glassnote)

Stereo Mind Game is the band Daughter’s third album, and the band’s first studio album in seven years. The album explains what it means to be separated from loved ones, as well as oneself. Daughter formed as a trio in 2010 with Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella and they released two studio albums, If You Leave (2013) and Not To Disappear (2016), and the video soundtrack “Music From Before The Storm” (2017).

Daughter chose to take some time off to work on individual projects, including Tonra’s solo record Ex:Re, but first they jammed together in Los Angeles in between a supporting tour with The National, and their first headlining shows in South America. During this time the ideas for a new album began to take shape. Occasionally they met in studios in London, Portland and San Diego. They began recording the album’s twelve songs in 2021, with Haefeli, who lives in Bristol, and Tonra meeting at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, and Aguilella in Portland, where he recorded his drum parts in Bocce Studio in Vancouver, WA. Haefeli produced a number of songs, while Tonra produced “Junkmail.” The rest were co-produced.

Many of the tracks on Stereo Mind Game, express the longing to close distances that grew during the pandemic. “Wish I Could Cross The Sea” illustrates a longing but resilient vibe, featuring voice notes from her young niece and nephew who live in Italy. “Missed Calls,” features another voice note in which a friend describes a dream that is haunting in its attempts to connect with loved ones you’re unable to see. The bow work of 12 Ensemble, a London-based string orchestra, who play on several tracks, displays the beauty that arises when one allows others to come in. The strings were arranged by Josephine Stephenson, recorded at The Pool, a space in Bermondsey, South London.

Daughter’s previous work found power in emotional honesty, Stereo Mind Game welcomes opposing feelings. “It’s about not working in absolutes,” Haefeli says. After more than a decade spent depicting the darkest emotions, Daughter has made its most optimistic album to date. At radio the story is just growing with Indie 102.3, KEXP, Radio Milwaukee and Radio Woodstock just a few of the station supporting Daughter.

The band Daughter photo by Marika Kochiashvili
Daughter (band)

Photo by Marika Kochiashvili


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