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Brett Dennen (Mick)

See The World is Brett Dennen’s latest release - a gentle, healing and meditative collection of music that urges us to get out, move on from the past fifteen months, and experience the world through our own eyes. He wrote “See The World” for his son, Van, but it could have been written for all of us in this post-pandemic era, urging us to see and absorb the beauty that surrounds us. Or even trying something new.

Brett Dennen spent his childhood camping with his father in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he learned to love, respect and appreciate the natural world, which is his greatest passion. It was during this period with the wilderness in the background that Dennen fell in love with the idea of playing music.

“See The World,” the album’s first single, features Dennen’s poetic lyrics that paint mages in the minds-eye of the listener’s imagination, exploring life’s journey no matter where it might lead. “Cayamo” reflects Dennen’s voyage on a cruise, where he felt like a musician who’s been overlooked. But tucked in the deep tracks, “Not A Free Country” makes a statement about the problems democracy faces in a world filled with fear, anger, falsehoods and divisiveness with political nonsense that merely muddy the waters of liberty and freedom.

See The World is a beautifully written and performed record that is like a breath of fresh air following the quarantine, with songs to fill the empty spaces left behind by isolation. This album reflects a life well-lived and well-pursued and hope for the future. WXRT, WXPN, WTTS, KXT, and WPYA are just samples of the 50+ stations on the record.


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