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Bob Moses (Astralwerks/Domino)

With the release of their 2015 debut, Days Gone By, Vancouver natives Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance – collectively known as Bob Moses – established themselves as a musical force, being nominated for two Grammy Awards and garnering praise from the music press. They continued their rise with the 2018 release of Battle Lines, scoring a performance on Ellen and accolades from Billboard. Two more releases followed, along with appearances at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and other festivals, leading to the 2022 release of The Silence In Between.

Howie and Vallance began writing “Love Brand New,” the haunting first single from The Silence In Between, with L.A. friends Michel Zitron and John Martin just before Coachella in 2019, laying the foundation for an album that clearly defines their unique blend of Electronica, Pop and Rock. Kicking off with the seductive “Seen It Coming,” a song that explores the theme of requited-but-unspoken love, The Silence In Between solidifies the duo’s reputation for combining the Alt-Rock vibe of the ’90s with Dance music, woven together with unified harmonies delivering lyrics that tell readily accessible stories. Continuing to the single, a song celebrating a new love, the album then winds through an additional eight tracks, all looking at the human conditions from all sides of relationships, studying the uncertainty faced when desire, love and dreams collide with the demands of the real world, not always allowing one to pursue those things closest to their heart and soul, while they also provide no answers to those conundrums.

Bob Moses has been at radio with The Silence In Between for a while now, with half of the JBE panel playing either selections from the full album or the single, “Love Brand New.” Some highlights are KBCO, The Current, WXRT, WTTS, 88.5FM/LA, WYEP, WRLT and KRVB.

Photo by Zackery Michael


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