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Aubrie Sellers (Soundly)

Take raucous Country-tinged Rock songs with piercing guitars, plus some beautiful love songs and give them all honest, pointed, soul-bearing lyrics, delivered with lush, confident and powerful vocals and what do you have? You have Aubrie Sellers second album, Far From Home. The daughter of Grammy-winner Lee Ann Womack and songwriter Jason Sellers, Aubrie was around music since she was born, but found herself drawn more to Classic Rock than the Country and Bluegrass of her parents’ world. “My voice isn’t dissimilar to my mother’s, so I think people expected me to follow in her footsteps,” she says. “I think I surprised a lot of people when I didn’t.”

Sellers’ first album, New City Blues, produced by her step-father Frank Liddell (Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Brandi Carlile), was released on Atlantic Records in 2016, and immediately garnered attention from critics, including being ranked as #13 on Rolling Stone’s list of Top Country Albums for that year. But after two-years on the road, Sellers was ready to take complete artistic control of her career and – armed with 25 new songs – she changed managers, left the major label system to sign with Soundly Music and set herself up to co-produce Far From Home with Liddell at the Sonic Ranch outside of El Paso.

Settling on 12 of the best songs she’d written between albums, Sellers created a record rife with passion, insight and introspection, looking at love – both found and lost – and life conditions with direct and honest narratives that pierce both the listener’s mind and soul in a way that only an authentic artist can. “I like to get to the root of a feeling,” she states. “That’s what makes music feel genuine. Sometimes you have to put something right in people’s faces. If you’re not empathetic to where I’m at, I’m going to show you what it’s like. I’m going to drag you down so you can feel what I’m feeling.”

WXPN, WAPS, KRSH, KBAC and WEHM are just a few of the stations feeling it.

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