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Ariel Posen (Soundly)

Having become a widely recognized and respected guitarist from his work as a touring member of The Brothers Landreth, Ariel Posen has just released his second album, Headway. Posen’s sophomore release expands on the rootsy Alt-Country legacy of his first album and reputation as a producer and multi-instrumentalist, reflecting the additional influences of Blues, Folk, Pop and even Soul. The difference in Headway is the songs; concise little stories musically constructed with subtle arrangements demanded by the lyrics, keeping focus on the narratives Posen is offering. Whether it’s the Americana shuffle of the first single, “Heart By Heart,” the tenderness of the ballad, “It’s You,” or the soulful power of “Coming Back,” all the tracks on Headway are tied together by fluency of the writing and the warmth of Posen’s plaintive, engaging vocals.

The evolution of Headway dates back to the 18-months Posen spent on the road following his solo debut, How Long, writing songs and working many them out on stage as the tour wound on. When Posen started sorting through the material in December 2019, he had a pretty good idea which tunes were ready to present to the world, culling then down to twelve. The result is an intelligent and emotional work easily accessible by anyone taking the time to listen.

The radio story for Ariel Posen’s Headway is just beginning, with support from WMVY, WUMB, WOCM and KRVM. As the format’s awareness of Posen diverse talent grows, so will the record.


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