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Amy Shark (RCA)

A few summers ago, Amy Shark was introduced to the Triple A format in Boulder, playing to an enthusiastic audience of industry professionals. A native of the Gold Coast of Australia, Shark self-produced her work for years while providing a “seed of hope” for other young songwriters. In 2016, Shark released the single “Adore,” that immediately shot into prominence at commercial radio. Together with her follow-up single, “I Said Hi,” her music dominated the influential Gold Coast broadcaster Triple j and the ARIA and streaming charts.

In 2018, Shark released her debut album, Love Monster, which kept up the momentum moving forward and leading to nine nominations at the 2018 ARIA Awards. She won in four categories including Album of the Year, Best Female Artist, and Best Pop Release. Her latest single, “Everybody Rise,” begins a new chapter in Shark’s music and in life.

“I’m in a good place now, but it took a lot of learning,” she says, “Lucky for me, I didn’t stop writing. I don’t see music as a job yet, it’s still what I love to do. When I’m pissed off at someone or when I’m let down or something is going on, I still go to the guitar. That’s why I feel like I can bounce back confidently with this single and a new album. I just write.”

“Everybody Rise” is Amy Shark at her best. Her vocals are more adventurous within the melodies, and she experiments more with her voice. “I’m a sucker for a sad song, and this single is a great example of the level that I’ve taken my music sonically and also vocally. I’ve taken risks with this one.” She insists she’s still the same girl from Gold Coast, transferring her heart from sleeve to guitar. “I’m still the same songwriter, I have all the same feelings and I’m forever holding up a mirror to myself to ask what makes me tick,” she says. “I think with this new music, I’m just learning how to craft it all a bit better.”

Amy Shark’s story at radio is just beginning. The following station have jumped on this single early including WCOO, WWCT, WMMM and WZEW.


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