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070 Shake (Def Jam)

The teenager from North Bergen, NJ was never particularly drawn to writing or performing music as she was growing up. Instead, the daughter of a divorced couple – being shuttled between relatives in Colorado, the Dominican Republic and New Jersey – fell into deep depression in her early teens and developed a reputation as a troublemaker in high school. But she also found that writing poetry was a panacea to that depression. It was after music beckoned her when a friend suggested she take that poetry into his brother’s recording studio that the artist known as 070 Shake was born, her adopted name a tribute to her home town and derived from the 070 at the front of the zip code.

After making her first recording, a song about teenage rebellion and rejection entitled “Proud,” 070 Shake posted the song online where it was found by social influencer Julienanna “YesJulz” Goddard, who was so impressed she became 070 Shake’s manager. From there came the signing to Def Jam and millions of Soundcloud plays, leading us to the release of Modus Vivendi, the first full-length album from 070 Shake.

While known as a singer and rapper, 070 Shake grew up listening to artists like John Mayer, The Beatles and Kid Cudi, with the Pop and Rock influences evident throughout the tracks on her debut. Modus Vivendi is an ethereal, rhythmic soundscape clearly meant to be listened to in its entirety, with 070 Shake’s poetic words delivered in melodic tunes driven by soul-wrenching vocals. The subject matter spans a host of different experiences that all make up the human experience, not the pursuit of success.

“It’s not time for talking about money,” says 070 Shake. “We have to talk to people about real shit. If you project these things to people, they are going to think you need that to be happy. No. You need love.”

The single, “Guilty Conscience,” is already in rotation at WRLT, Radio Milwaukee, WCNR, KXT and Birmingham Mountain Radio, among others. Other standout tracks include “Divorce” and “The Pines.”


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