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Wyn Starks (Curb)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The voice… it’s the voice. That’s the very first thing that draws you into Wyn Starks’ music, opening a door onto a sonic feast of powerful songs that will stir your soul, your heart and your ears, while keeping your feet moving. All of that is on display on Starks’ new EP, Who I Am, recently released on Curb Records.

Wyn Starks journey to his first release began in Minneapolis, where his mother always had music playing, developing his early love of Motown, while his bus rides to school infused him with ’80s and ’90s Rock and R&B, all while singing Gospel in church. It was these influences that drew Starks into music, building on the influences of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince and Starks’ R&B contemporary Leon Bridges, but he needed to move to Nashville to find his own unique voice.

“Nashville opened me up to this whole new world of music the way I wanted to do it, not the way everybody else wanted me to do it,” says Starks. “For a long time, I was living for other people – to make people happy – but coming to Nashville really helped me get into my own groove and learn who I am and what I like and what I love. It even helped me learn to love myself.”

Starks’ love of his own way of making music is clear on the effervescent and stimulating Who I Am. Whether it’s the danceable groove of “Dancing My Way,” the soulful yearning of “Split In Two,” the light and airy “Sunday Morning,” or the silky smooth R&B of “Circles,” the songs on Who I Am draw the listener willingly into Starks world, wanting to sit down and learn more about him.

“I’ve always loved people,” Starks explains. “I’ve always wanted to leave an impact on people through music. I want my music to bring people together.”

Stations bringing their listeners together through Wyn Starks music already include WRLT/Nashville, Birmingham Mountain Radio, 88.5 FM/Los Angeles and WCBE, and he’s only just getting started.


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