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The Heavy Heavy (ATO)

If you’re looking for the natural heirs to the British Invasion Pop sounds that were so pervasive in the 1960s, only with a 21st Century relevance and urgency, look no further than Life And Life Only, the debut from The Heavy Heavy. It’s an EP that brings together the jangly guitar riffs and stellar harmonies of that era with melodic, well-written tunes that will have you singing along on the first listen. Starting with the psychedelic pop of “All My Dreams,” Life And Life Only bursts alive as that deft guitar work complements those signature harmonies that are fully revealed driving “Go Down River,” the second track on the EP. “The male-female harmonies gave it this whole new sound,” says Will Turner of the sound he and partner Georgie Fuller create when combining their vocal talents.

The true joy of Life And Life Only is the way the duo of Turner and Fuller are openly pulling from all their influences while creating a sound that remains unique in its own right. As it continues to unfold it at once feels familiar while also seeming edgy with a hint of danger. Having been brought together by the desire to make “records that sound like our favorite records ever” – records by the likes of Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies and Delany & Bonnie as a few examples – the duo marks their individuality by combining all their influences on each track.

The Heavy Heavy is embarking on their first US tour as this goes live, having recently grown the band to five members in order to present their songs in a way that will touch concert-goers the way the recorded music is touching listeners. “The driving force behind all our songwriting is to feel good, and make other people feel good too,” Fuller explains. With what may have just been the “driving song” of the summer lighting up well more than half the full JBE panel, they must be succeeding. Enough to be looking forward to the full-length release due in 2023.

Photo by Holly Whitaker


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