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Marc Broussard (Keeping The Blues Alive)

S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul is Marc Broussard’s new release of Blues classics, produced by Joe Bonamassa and Broussard. The album is an exquisite collection of soul-inflected Blues standards that speak to the deepest part of the soul. The electrifying teamwork of Bonamassa and Broussard, in addition to the other musicians who played on the album, breathe a fresh, new vitality into songs such as Son House’s “Empire State Express,” Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Cuttin In,” or Little Milton’s That’s What Love Will Make You Do.” Every song on S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul reflects a study in greatness.

The greatest challenges Broussard faced was in finding songs that allowed the man and the band to truly explore deeply into a broad study of the blues as they hear it. The Blues can be the most freeing musical style if it, and letting it expand in its own way, but no shortcuts exist for hitting the highest points of the music. It is a style that must be lived, learned, and then shown respect for its excellence. For Broussard, S.O.S. 4, is another adventure into Soul with the Blues, a genre he’s always admired.

“Blues is something in my wheelhouse,” Broussard says, “but it’s not really my field of expertise.” He would receive advice from his comrade Bonamassa, who also produced the record and played on the album. According to Broussard, the entire album is the “culmination of a process that started when I went independent. It’s based on believing in myself and the music my fellow musicians and I make. I wanted to be in a position where I could use what I do to help others,” which he does through his SOS Foundation, which he started with the release of the first S.O.S. album. “The goal here is to use music, both recorded and live, to raise money for causes I'm passionate about,” says Broussard.

There are too many stand-outs on this album to mention, but radio support seems to be landing on “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination,” with Colorado Sound, KPND, WMOT and WZEW just a sampling of stations on it.

Photo by Jeff Fasano


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