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Diana DeMuth (Independent/Thirty Tigers)

Diana DeMuth grew up on the coast of Massachusetts immersed in a bohemian home, where she moved from place to place with her hippie parents. Their restless spirit inhabited her soul, and she always had a sense that there was something more out there beyond where she grew up. After seeing The Avett Brothers perform at age thirteen, she was awed by their raw performance on stage, and she knew she wanted to be a musician. She quit college after only one week because she was certain music is her path.

For the past five years, DeMuth spent time in London feeling aimless, but she wrote a song titled “Hotel Song,” which became the lead track of her forthcoming album Misadventure. “I just busted out of this hotel/Took all of my belongings/And I ran for it.” For DeMuth, the song was like a door opening into a new chapter of her life. She started looking for a producer who matched her musical style when she stumbled upon multi-platinum record producer, Simone Felice, who in the past had worked with The Avetts on the album I and Love and You, and Scott Avett co-wrote the song “The Young & The Blind” with DeMuth. Her debut album was recorded in a Catskill Mountain house overlooking the Shokan Reservoir outside Woodstock.

Misadventure tells the story of DeMuth’s journey to self-discovery through life and love, with each song reflecting her folk sensibilities and expressive storytelling. During the recording process, Felice’s longtime collaborator David Baron came on board, and together they began recording her record. She drew inspiration from artists such as Bonnie Raitt, who she’d listened to growing up, The Lumineers and Brandi Carlile. She confronts the constant need for something more, diving deeper into human condition following the devastation in the aftermath of a breakup. “Rose of Nantucket” returns to the restlessness of “Hotel Song,” her smoky vocals showing off her sassy lilt.

There is a song for everyone on this album. From Folk to Americana to more contemporary musical genres, Diana DeMuth has created a musical tapestry about what it’s like to go through the cycle of losing yourself fumbling in the dark and ultimately finding your way. DeMuth will be appearing on the JBE Virtual SummitFest next week and her single, “Into My Arms” goes for adds the following week.

Photo by John Huba


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