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Delta Spirit (New West)

Since forming as a band in 2005, Delta Spirit has been making statements with music that has captivated audiences across the States and in the UK. Tuning into life with all of its ups and downs, disappointments and triumphs, the band lends its voice to the honest and heartfelt observations that are written into the songs. One is One, Delta Spirit’s new album, asks questions such as, “What is life all about?”

“Here are some observations,” muses Matthew Logan Vasquez. “The songs are epic in this respect. Over everything I’ve learned, I know to be peaceful is a choice. It’s not always easy, but it is possible. We are capable of growth, compassion, and empathy; we just have to reach out and activate our better angels. I do that by writing songs. I think that’s what the album is about.”

Following a six-year break, the band returned with What Is There in 2020, receiving nearly 20 million streams. It also earned widespread acclaim from publications such as Billboard, Consequence of Sound, Flood, MXDWN, and Spin. In the UK, Classic Rock Magazine called the album “beautiful and haunting.” But due to the pandemic, Delta Spirit was unable to tour in support of What Is There. It was more than a year before the band could go back on the road again.

The first single, “What’s Done Is Done,” was written in a unique fashion, with band members continuing to write songs remotely, then sending those ideas around to the rest of the band. “We were ready to come back,” says Vasquez. “We never stopped writing. Brandon Young (drums) and I knew we had some great songs, so we actually recorded an initial version of the album. From there, we sent it to the other guys. We really perfected the songs together over time.” Vasquez would find agreement from KXT, Colorado Sound, KBAC, WNRN, WAPS, KGSR and more who are already supporting Delta Spirit.

Delta Spirit has been touring the States this Spring with tour stops in Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Dallas, Austin, and Houston, wrapping up the tour with five shows in California before heading to Colorado to play the Fox Theatre at the JBE Triple A SummitFest in August.

Photo by Alex Kweskin


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