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Bendigo Fletcher (Elektra)

When we first saw and heard Bendigo Fletcher at last year’s Elektra Emerging Artist Showcase, it became immediately clear there is something special here. But is it the songs or the arrangements or the vocals and harmonies or its ability to move between diverse sounds and genres that make this band so special? The unequivocal answer that question is “all of the above.”

From the opening banjo strains of “Sugar In The Creek,” the opening track of Bendigo Fletcher’s as-yet-untitled Elektra debut, we’re immediately engulfed in challenging & compelling instrumentation and arrangements of powerful Pop/Rock songs borne out of the poetry of singer and songwriter Ryan Anderson’s fertile imagination. The stories Anderson and his bandmates tell are shrouded in diverse styles ranging from Roots to Rock to Psychedelia to Pop, with the sonics stretching from that opening banjo to aggressive fuzz-tone guitar, sometimes all on one track like on the album’s centerpiece, “Evergreen.” And then there are Anderson’s vocals, ranging from sweet and melodic to a powerful shriek, all in service to the songs and tales within.

With songs that study the ironic absurdity of life in the 21st Century while longing for simpler times, Bendigo Fletcher’s Ken Coomer-produced major label debut – a natural destination for the band after its four independently released EPs - is a lyrical adventure in Wonderland, enhanced by a sonic journey of discovery. The record hasn’t gone to radio yet, but expect it to build fast far and wide across the Triple A soundscape. You can get your first taste of Bendigo Fletcher’s twisted yet positive view of the world on Episode #3 of JBE’s Virtual SummitFest series on March 25.


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